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Undergraduate Emergency Aid Request

We understand that life is unpredictable and often brings unexpected expenses. These expenses can cause significant hardship and stress. Fortunately, the university has Emergency Aid funds that might help. If your family is encountering a loss of income, that is a separate process, please review our Special Circumstances information for guidance on submitting that request. Also, please see below for other resources available through the university.

Review our Emergency Aid Request forms to request help with certain unexpected expenses that occur while you are enrolled this year. Emergency aid is available to Evanston Undergraduates enrolled at least half-time (2 units) who are also already receiving need-based Northwestern grant assistance.

Campus Resources

Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid

The office has counselors available to speak with you about aid options including grants, scholarships, loans, and the federal work-study program. Other services include:

  • Special circumstances review - in the event there has been a loss of income in your family; please see this description on our website: Loss of Income
  • Emergency loan request - For those students needing emergency help prior to the arrival of their financial aid in a given quarter: Short Term Loan
  • Federal loan options - Many students qualify for low-interest and deferred payment loans from the federal government. These loans have protections against hardship and also have long term repayment options. Please see a description on our site: Federal loans

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Sometimes, unexpected expenses bring anxiety or unanticipated stress. CAPS has counselors available to help in a crisis or also by appointment. Please see their website here: CAPS

Campus Food Pantry

Through the generosity of donors and the efforts of our office of Student Enrichment Services (SES), the university has made available a food pantry. Please see the information on the SES website: Food Pantry

Student Enrichment Services (SES)

SES offers support to first-generation, low-income, and/or DACA/Undocumented students to foster identity development, navigate campus resources, and build community. For more information, please see: SES