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International Students Application Instructions

Each year, a small group of first-year international students receive need-based aid. These students must indicate on their admissions application that they wish to be considered for this limited assistance program.

The funding for this program is very limited. Northwestern's acceptance rate for international applicants requesting aid is less favorable than acceptance for students not requesting aid. See the Office of Undergraduate Admission website for more information.

Only those who are selected to receive these need-based awards as entering freshman will be eligible to apply for financial aid in subsequent years. Financial aid is not available for international transfer applicants.

As with U.S. citizens, the international student and his/her family will be expected to contribute to educational expenses to the extent that they are able, and awards may be comprised of scholarships and/or loans. Northwestern University cannot assume responsibility for economic changes such as currency fluctuation, and we cannot replace lost support that a student may have expected to receive from friends, relatives, or government and corporate grants.

Task Date Due Instructions
Complete College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS)

Regular Decision:Feb 15

Early Decision:Dec 1

  • Visit the College Board website, register and complete the Profile. Northwestern’s CSS code is 1565.
  • Once processed, you will receive a Data Confirmation Report. Any corrections must be submitted directly to our office.
  • International Students are not eligible for Profile fee waivers from the College Board. If you cannot submit the PROFILE from your country or if submission of the Profile would cause significant financial hardship for your family, please complete the International Student Aid Application and submit the completed form via email to:
  • Applicants submitting the International Student Aid Application may be required to submit additional documentation and will be notified directly.
Submit Tax Materials  February 15
  • Submit a copy of your parents' national tax forms from the most recent tax year, OR, if your country does not have an annual tax form, an official statement/letter of earnings from each parent's employer verifying income with official signatures and/or seals.
  • All tax or earnings documents require official translation into English (if converted to U.S. dollars, the conversion rate must be indicated) and mailed to our office.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid will also accept scanned documents (PDF preferred) sent by e-mail to: Please indicate "International Tax Document" in the subject line of the e-mail.
Submit Noncustodial Profile Application (necessary if your biological/adoptive parents are divorced, separated, or never married)

Regular Decision:March 5

Early Decision:Dec 1

  • If your biological/adoptive parents are divorced or separated, your noncustodial parent will need to complete a Profile application.
  • The College Board will provide instructions on how to complete the form online. 
  • If you have no contact with your noncustodial parent, or if he or she is unwilling to fill out the form, contact our office

Your Award Package

You will receive your financial aid decision shortly after your admission decision.

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