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Emergency Aid Examples

Below we have outlined examples and request forms for emergency aid. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but serves to provide some ideas of when the University might be able to provide additional financial aid. If you have a particular expense that you do not see listed below and would like to know if the Univeristy can help, please feel free to reach out to Brian Drabik at for assistance.

COVID-19 Travel and Technology Expenses

  • Expenses related to changed travel plans for fall related to the pandemic
  • Technology needs for remote learning that have not already been covered

Medical Copayments, Prescriptions, Deductibles

  • Medical Copayments for office visits
  • Prescriptions or medications
  • Insurance deductibles or premiums

Emergency Aid

  • Medical Emergency Expenses (office visits, ambulance, emergency room, hospital)
  • Alcohol and other drug treatment
  • Testing for disabilities
  • Vision, Dental
  • Gender Reassignment Support
  • Emergency Travel
  • Students who need to move during the term due to an emergency
  • Students requiring a special housing accommodation due to a medical condition
  • Additional food costs, i.e., field studies, dietary restrictions due to a medical condition...etc.

Expenses Not Categorized Above

  • Safety/security costs 
  • Belongings lost due to theft or property damage
  • Laptop repair or prorated replacement
  • Legal support