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Summer Aid

Students are eligible for up to four years of university financial aid, including summer enrollment. Please consider enrolling during the summer as a means of graduating in four years.

Summer is the final quarter of an academic year. If you receive financial aid in the current academic year, you have already completed most of the required application materials for the summer term.

Eligibility & Awards

You must be enrolled a minimum of two units of credit to be eligible for Northwestern grant assistance during the summer term. Our office will monitor summer enrollment and may adjust your financial aid award if your actual enrollment differs from the expected enrollment reported on your summer aid application.

Your expected family contribution (EFC) in the summer will be the same as a regular quarter during that academic year. Typically, this is equivalent to one-third of the full-year EFC on your financial aid award letter in CAESAR.

Summer costs vary based on your specific enrollment and length of study, so the amount of aid you receive in the summer may be different from a regular quarter. For on-campus courses and most other summer programs (study abroad, Engage Chicago, etc.), summer costs tend to be lower than a regular quarter, so the dollar-amount of your summer aid may also be less than you receive in other quarters. We will make every effort to ensure that your Northwestern scholarship assistance remains proportional to a regular quarter.

Federal sources of aid (e.g., Pell Grant or loans) are limited to your remaining eligibility from the current academic year. If you receive other assistance that is exhausted during the academic year or unavailable in the summer (e.g., work-study, outside scholarships, etc.), you may be offered federal loans to help make up for these resources.

Students visiting Northwestern while pursuing their degree from another institution are not eligible for financial aid. Students taking summer courses at institutions outside of Northwestern or unaffiliated study abroad programs are not eligible to receive any financial aid or loans from the University. Northwestern will not enter into a financial or consortium agreement with another institution for the purposes of processing financial assistance.

How to Apply

Current aid recipients should submit the summer aid application below. All summer programs, including study abroad and other off-campus programs, use the same summer aid application. Additional documentation may be requested. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and award notifications are typically sent within 2-3 weeks after submission.

If you only wish to receive your federal eligibility (e.g., your Pell Grant) for the summer term, you are not required to complete the summer aid application.

The NU Loan is not available for the summer term.

Students who have not previously applied for aid should contact us to learn what additional application materials are required and what types of aid you may be eligible to receive.



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