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Privacy of your Financial Aid Application Data

We take your privacy seriously and understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data.  Information from your financial aid application is protected and will not be released without your prior written consent. In some cases, information is provided to other Northwestern school officials with a legitimate need for the information. Following are those instances where we define school officials where information is required in the execution of their job duties. Under no circumstances will these persons or entities disclose your private information to others except as described below.

Definition of School Officials:

  1. Summer Bridge Program Administrators – In some cases, your information will be provided to others helping to fund certain programs that exist prior to fall enrollment.
  2. Student Enrichment Services (SES) Staff – The Student Affairs' SES team works directly to support students from low-income backgrounds. A marker that identifies students whose records demonstrate the greatest financial need will be provided to identify those students with whom SES will work.
  3. Health Professionals – A marker that identifies students whose records demonstrate the greatest financial need is provided to Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) so appropriate referrals can be made to the aid office for students needing health-related financial support.
  4. Academic Advising Deans - Approximately 10 senior academic officials are provided a marker that identifies students with the greatest financial need as determined by financial aid application materials. These officials require this information to make referrals for services unique to this population of students. These are typically assistant or associates deans involved in student services.
  5. Department Scholarship Administrators – Information is released to a small group of persons on campus who administer their own funding; in some instances, information will be shared in an effort to meet financial need and also the criteria of that department or entity.
  6. Student Affairs Assessment and Planning - The level of need as measured by a numerical ranking will be provided to the Executive Director of Assessment and Planning. This ranking will be used to measure the effectiveness of Student Affairs' programs across the varied levels of financial need of students. Your information will be used only in the aggregate, individual information will not be disclosed beyond the executive director.

We will not release information from your application simply for the purpose of research or because another person has a curiosity. Please know that your information is secure and is not available outside the aid office except under the conditions listed above.

If you do encounter a need that would require the release your information, please navigate to the Forms page on our website and find the Financial Aid Information Release Form (near the bottom of the page under "Other Forms"). Using that form, you will provide us permission to provide your private information to the 3rd party person or organization.

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