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Coronavirus FAQs

We understand that many will have questions related to the virus and university actions to safeguard the community. We are doing our best to help in this time of crisis. We know and understand that there might be challenges in the coming weeks and we hope to ease those to the extent possible. Please see below for answers to some of the questions we expect from you.

I have some general questions, what is the best way to reach the office?

The office is fully functional, but conducting much of our work remotely. The best way to contact the office is through the office email at:

If you need to speak with someone verbally, please leave your phone number in a message to our office. We will do our best to also answer our phone, as normal.

I need to deliver documents to you, should I mail them?

The best way to deliver documents is through our secure document upload page. You can also submit materials via email (, but because email can never be guaranteed secure, we do not recommend submitting tax information or other documents that include Social Security Numbers via email, if avoidable. Paper mail might be spotty while we are trying to isolate the employees of our campus.

I am a low-income student, I heard that steps were being taken and that the Financial Aid Office will relax certain requirements related to financial aid, is that accurate?

Please rely on the Financial Aid Office for information about financial aid. We will use all flexibility in our efforts to help you and all students. While our campus partners might provide support in other ways, ours is the only one that can help resolve financial issues for you. We will use every flexibility to help but those are not determined by individual offices.

If I have an emergency expense related to going to school, will the Financial Aid Office be open and available to help?

All functions of the Financial Aid Office will remain intact. Emergency aid for unique circumstances will continue to be available.

Will my spring financial aid pay to my account in normal fashion?

Financial aid will pay to your account in the same manner as always. The timing of the payment is linked to the start of class. Since classes begin later, payment will also be slightly later. The delay, though, will be minimal and only by a few days.

What will happen to my spring term Federal Work-Study allocation?

Due to the Coronavirus disruptions, the U.S. Department of Education has allowed the University to pay Spring Quarter work-study wages, regardless of whether students could have completed this work remotely. In place of actual hours worked, students will be paid for the same number of hours in Spring Quarter as earned in Winter Quarter. Funds will be paid through grant assistance posted to the student account (not to exceed a student's federal work-study allocation). Eligible students received an email notification on April 1 and will be notifed of their Spring Quarter eligibility during the week of April 13. Federal work-study students who were prevented from working during Winter Quarter due to special circumstances, such as student abroad, coop or internships, may request a review for consideration by completing on our online Federal Work-Study Appeal Form.

If or when I apply for financial aid for next year, will that work continue?

All functions of the Financial Aid Office will remain intact. Financial aid applications will be processed in the same manner and time as in any year.

Will payment of financial aid continue throughout the spring?

All functions of the Financial Aid Office will remain intact. The process of paying aid to student accounts will continue.