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The Work-Study Office, part of Undergraduate Financial Aid, is here to help facilitate the Federal Work-Study Program on campus. While we can answer questions and refer, it is the student's responsibility to browse the jobs list and find an opportunity that fits.

Participation in the Work-Study Program is determined by the student's financial need and is awarded as part of a financial aid package. To learn more, see the Federal Work-Study page on the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.


Work-Study 2018-19 

Work-Study will begin on Monday, September 24th and run through Saturday, June 15th for the 2018-19 academic year. Click to find out what forms of identification you'll need to bring to campus and view some of the different employment opportunities available to students.

Work-Study Authorization

The Work-Study Office requires a completed Work-Study Authorization Form from each student once they secure a job. This applies to students who are new to the department as well as those who are returning.