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Eligibility & Reminders

Work-study is a federally funded student financial aid program and is subject to federal eligibility criteria and limitations. Work-study offered in your financial aid notice is not a guarantee of earnings or job placement. Wages earned in a work-study position are primarily subsidized by the government. Therefore, with each paycheck, you'll be working toward earning the allotted work-study financial aid amount! 

Student Eligibility

Work-study eligibility is determined on your annual FAFSA information. If eligible, work-study and an amount is listed on your financial aid notice in CAESAR (CAESAR > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid). You must be enrolled at least half-time to participate in work-study during the academic year. Once graduated, you may not continue earning work-study wages. 

FWS allotments may decrease or be canceled due to financial aid changes including but not limited to: non-enrollment, less than full-time enrollment, co-op programs, study abroad or other off-campus study, receipt of outside scholarships, or other adjustments to the financial aid package.

If your work-study allotment in any quarter is $0, you are not eligible to participate in work-study during that quarter.

Don’t see FWS on your financial aid notice?  Northwestern Career Advancement offers QuadJobs, a job portal for all non-work-study part-time student job opportunities at Northwestern and in the local area.

International students are not eligible for FWS.

Regulations and Reminders

The amount listed on your financial aid notice is an earnings limit, or allotment, for the academic year. The amount is not a guarantee of employment or earnings.

You may start your job the week of classes in the Fall quarter and you must terminate your job no later than the last day of exams in spring quarter, abiding by the eligibility information above. 

You should monitor your bi-weekly and cumulative academic year work-study earnings (CAESAR > Financial Aid > Work-Study Earnings by Date) after each pay date. Our office will notify you when you are approaching your allotment limit. Learn more about tracking hours and allotment earnings.  

Summer Employment

Interested in summer opportunities?  Review the Summer Work-Study page for eligibility and FAQs.