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Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligibility, based on your annual FAFSA submission and other renewal requirements, is determined by your financial aid office. If offered FWS, it is included in your annual financial aid notice (CAESAR > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid).


  • International students are not eligible. 
  • FWS earnings are limited to fall, winter, and spring quarters only. You may earn FWS wages until you reach your work-study earnings limit or the last day of exams in the spring quarter, whichever comes first.
  • FWS eligibility and amounts may decrease or be canceled due to non-enrollment, less than half-time enrollment, co-op programs, study abroad or other off-campus programs, receipt of outside scholarships, or other financial aid adjustments.
  • Students studying abroad may not earn FWS wages, even in designated remote positions.
  • If the quarterly FWS amount listed in CAESAR is $0, you cannot earn FWS wages during that quarter.
  • Once you graduate, you may not continue to earn FWS wages. 
  • If you exhaust your earnings limit, we will update your funding to regular temporary student wages. Your employer will let you know if their budget allows for your continued employment under this accounting arrangement. Speak with your employer for further information.