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Hiring Forms

Students and their supervisors are must submit required hiring forms. These documents establish the student's employment record with the Federal Work-Study Office, Northwestern Human Resources, and Northwestern Payroll. Pay attention, some forms are required annually! 

Prior to completing these forms, students must have been offered and accepted federal work-study (CAESAR > Financial Aid > View My Financial Aid > [Year] and CAESAR > Financial Aid > Accept/Decline Financial Aid). Ability to be hired or paid federal work-study wages is contingent upon annual eligibility!


Summary of Hiring Forms
Document Responsible Party Due Frequency Notes
Work-Study Office Requirements Work-Study Authorization Form Supervisor Prior to 1st day of employment Every academic year Must be work study eligible
HR & Payroll Requirements I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Student Sections 1 & 2 must be completed prior to 1st day of employment! First time hires and select re-hires

Students must bring their Section 2 document(s) to a Northwestern Human Resource Service Center:

  • 1800 Sherman Ave, Evanston Campus
  • 710 N Lake Shore Drive, Room 150, Chicago Campus
Personal Data Form Student Prior to 1st day of employment New hires, re-hires and if a student needs to update their personal information 

Provide to supervisor

(*Off-campus student employees, see notes)

HR Document Submission (OnBase) Supervisor (*Off-campus supervisor, see notes) Must be submitted and processed by HR prior to 1st day of employment New hires and re-hires (if employment record was terminated) The student's I-9 MUST be completed prior to submitting the OnBase form.
Other/ Optional Illinois W4 Tax withholding Student Prior to 1st day of employment If the student needs to update their state tax withholdings  Provide to supervisor if submitting
Direct Deposit Student If the student needs to update bank account information Work-study earnings are NOT applied through CAESAR tuition invoices
Department or University Confidentiality Agreement Student TBD according to hiring department TBD according to hiring department

If the position will handle private or sensitive information, a signed confidentiality agreement should be kept in the employer's records.  

  • Students employed at off-campus partners should choose Central Administration, 1002 Financial Aid EV on the I-9 Form. 
  • Students employed by off-campus partners should email their Personal Data Form to the Work-Study Office
  • Off-campus supervisors are unable to submit the HR Document Submission (OnBase) hiring form. The Work-Study Assistant will coordinate and submit this requirement on your behalf.

HR Document Submission (OnBase)

Prior to submitting, please note the following:

  • Your HR DeptID should end in -98;
  • Select "Temp Paperwork” under Additional Details;
  • Choose "Student - Work Study" under Temp Employee Type;
  • Job Codes can be referenced using the link below the drop down and are usually identified with "WS" in the title;
  • Evanston minimum wage is $13.35/ Chicago minimum wage is $15.40;
  • Chartstring,
    • List 100% in the funding box and the wage sharing agreement will be applied 
    • Account 60122 is the default and should not be changed unless otherwise informed to do so.

All information entered into the HR Document Submission (OnBase) form should match the FWS Authorization Form. Inaccuracies entered during the HR Document Submission can create Payroll and Work-Study issues and inconsistencies. 

Expect up to a 10-business day turnaround to process your hiring request. Additional information is available on the Human Resources website.

All other inquires should be directed to askHR.