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In addition to a written job description that includes the job duties and responsibilities, employers must also establish evaluation procedures and schedules. Ideally, evaluations should occur at least annually or upon the positions end date. 

Engaging in frequent and honest conversations, either formally or informally, regarding the employee's performance, proficiency, dependability, conduct, and policy compliance is an integral part of the employee's individual and professional development. These conversations build a strong working relationship, encourage students to further develop their skills, allows supervisors to discuss the employee's contributions and how they contribute toward departmental or University goals and objectives, clarifies job expectations, and encourages the student's metacognition about their skills and work in the present for future jobs or careers. 

You may use this evaluation form or use departmental tools and resources available to you. The FWS Program does not collect evaluations.

If your student employee needs to verify their employment history please see information on the Northwestern Human Resources website. You may also serve as a job reference if requested by your student employee and use your evaluations to aid in this task. 

See the Workplace Issues and Termination section for additional information on providing feedback, particularly as it relates to perceived or observed negative topics.