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Conduct Evaluations

Employers should download the Employee Performance Evaluation Form and arrange a meeting with the student. Through honest exchange between both parties, it is hoped that the student's job performance may improve and that the work relationship will become more rewarding.

At the time of the review, employers determine whether or not an employee will be retained for the following year. If the evaluation is marked "retained," it is considered a joint contract between the employer and the employee; either party must give the other at least two weeks notice if the decision is changed. If a student is not retained, an employer does not need to complete a Job Termination Form; however, the employer should attach comments to the evaluation if the ratings were particularly poor.

Confidentiality Agreement

Work-Study student employees who handle private or sensitive information in the performance of their jobs must be informed of the University policy on confidentiality and may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement with their department. The signed agreement should be kept in the employer's records.