The forms below are available at the Work-Study Office.

Federal Work-Study Appeal Form

Job Posting Form

Northwestern and approved Community Service employers who wish to post a work-study job on our website should complete this form for our office. Please keep job descriptions brief and concise, and be sure to include the pay rate. For more information on pay rates please see Wages and Hours

Work-Study Authorization Form

In order to be authorized for Federal Work-Study, a student MUST be enrolled at NU and have a Federal Work-Study award listed on his/her Financial Aid Award Notice for the current academic year. Students can view their award notices online via CAESAR.

Students must complete the entire student section of the Authorization Form, including their Federal Work-Study award limit. The NU ID number can also be found on the award notice, or on the student's Wildcard. 

Once the student section is completed, the student must have their employer complete the supervisor's section of the form.

Payroll Forms

First-time hires (students who have never been paid through the NU Payroll system) are required to complete the following and return the information to the department where they will be working.

Returning students only need to complete the Personal Data Form with their department in order to be rehired into the Kronos System.

Employee Performance Evaluation

This form should be completed and returned to the Work-Study Office when a student is ending a job. This form may also be used for promotions and job reclassifications.

For more information please see Change Positions page.

Work-Study Award Tracking Sheet

Students can use this worksheet to keep track of their Federal Work-Study earnings to ensure that they stay within the limits of their allotted award amount.

To use the worksheet, the student should begin by writing in the total amount of his/her Work-Study award on the total award line. (This amount can be found either on the student's Financial Aid Award Notice or by logging into CAESAR.) When the first paycheck is received, the gross (pre-tax) amount of the check should be recorded in the gross pay column for the appropriate pay date. The remaining award amount can then be calculated by subtracting the gross pay from the total award. Each subsequent paycheck should be recorded in the same manner, subtracting the gross pay from the remaining award balance of the previous pay period to determine the current amount left to earn.

It is the student's responsibility to monitor his or her Federal Work-Study Award. 

Request Two Jobs Form

Work-Study eligible students are automatically granted authorization for one job. Students who wish to work a second work-study job must request it in writing by completing a Request for Two Jobs Form. The student must list a reason for wanting a second job and know the schedule and hourly rate of both jobs, keeping in mind that:

  • The student must not exceed the award limit working both jobs.
  • The student must not work more than 15 hours/week for both jobs combined.

Completed forms may be faxed, mailed or emailed to the address below. If approved, a second authorization form must be on file with the Work-Study Office. 

Termination Form

For a detailed explanation of termination procedures please see the Terminate Employment page. If a student or employer wishes to terminate a position this form must be completed and returned to the Work-Study Office along with any appropriate attachments.