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Work-Study Students

Welcome to Northwestern's Federal Work-Study Program! In addition to program-specific content on the following web pages, general student employment information is available on Northwestern's Student Employment website

Did you know?

  • FWS is NOT a loan and does NOT have to be repaid!
  • Unlike regular wages, FWS wages won't impact your financial aid offered in subsequent years.
  • You may work as much or as little as you need. There are no consequences if you do not earn the full FWS amount listed in CAESAR.
  • Sometimes FWS earnings limits can be increased! See the Earnings Limit Appeals section for additional information. 
  • Students are not limited in how they spend (or save!) their wages. Income can be used for purposes beyond education expenses.
  • You choose how to spend your earned money. Your wages are paid directly to you.
  • FICA (Medicare and Social Security) taxes are NOT withheld from your paycheck. 
  • FWS will not affect any potential financial aid refund on your student account. 
  • FWS wages are paid for hours worked according to the University's bi-weekly University Payroll schedules.