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Off-Campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs are those with community service agencies, schools, government, or nonprofits in Evanston whose services are open and accessible to Evanston community residents and are designed to improve the quality of life for Evanston residents, particularly low-income individuals, and to solve issues related to their needs. Direct and indirect statutory-defined services include:

  • health care, child care, literacy, training, education (including tutoring), welfare, social services, transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement, public safety, crime prevention and control, recreation, community improvement, and emergency preparedness and response;
  • support services for individuals and students with disabilities*;
  • tutoring, supporting educational and recreational activities, and counseling; and
  • projects that teach civics in schools, raise awareness of government functions and/or resources, and increase civic participation.
(Federal Student Aid Handbook Vol. 6, Ch 2)

*Including students with disabilities who are enrolled at Northwestern University. This is the only statutory exception to the requirement that community service is not open and accessible to the community.

Off-campus job postings are submitted to our office by approved community partners; we post job openings and remove jobs to the Northwestern Student Job Board. It is possible that a listing on the Student Job Board may already be filled. Review the job responsibilities and contact the job contact listed on the posting directly if you have any questions. Check back regularly for updates!