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Post a Job & Candidate Selection

On-Campus Employers

Both before posting a job opportunity and once you have hired an FWS-eligible student, you should have a written job description. The job description helps students determine whether they qualify for the job, whether the job is related to their academic or professional objectives, and whether the job is of interest to them. If you plan to employ an FWS-eligible student in your position, you must have the following components on file:

  • Job Title 
    • You may also indicate a position name that describes the job's responsibilities (e.g., "Intern," "Marketing Specialist," "Attendant," "Social Media Manager," etc.) locally within the department.
  • Department/area name and location/address
  • Name of supervisor/job title of supervisor
    • Regular supervision must be provided by a professional staff or faculty member. Graduate supervisors are prohibited. All Ph.D. students wishing to employ another student as a research assistant (RA), should contact the Dean of Student Office. Students are NOT permitted to hire another student on their own.
  • Wage rate
  • Length of employment (i.e. start and end dates)
  • A job description that includes the purpose or role within the department or organization.
    • It is best to identify and include skills or attributes that correlate with success in the role, physical requirements (e.g. ability to stand for long hours, lift heavy items), and any other applicable job details (e.g. office hours, evening hours, location, etc.).
    • Note that work performed for Northwestern faculty must be related to their work as a Northwestern University professor, not personal projects.
  • Job duties and responsibilities associated with the position
  • General qualifications for the position
  • Evaluation procedures and schedules

A written job description serves as a documented reference point for all parties. Additionally, job descriptions play a crucial role in preventing conflicts and the need for formal adjudication.

Remember, students paid FWS wages should never replace full or part-time employees in the workplace. 

Post a job

Candidate Selection

It is a best practice to confirm with the student whether they are eligible for Federal Work-Study. Many departments require this as part of position applications or require proof of eligibility (i.e. copy of financial aid notice) when submitting a resume or cover letter to the position. 

Additional information regarding candidate selection is also available on the Student Employment Website. 

Off-Campus Community FWS Employers 

Please contact our office for assistance with submitting your job posting to the student job board. Once you have selected a candidate, please also contact our office so that we may begin the hiring procedures to establish the student's official employment and payroll records.