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Terminate Employment


A student must give the employer two weeks notice when terminating; however, it is acceptable for an employer and employee to agree upon a shorter period of notice.

A student must have the employer complete a Job Termination Form and an Employee Performance Evaluation Form and submit these to our office before obtaining a new Authorization Form for another job.


If an employer is not satisfied with a student's performance, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Discuss the problem with the student.
  2. If the problem continues, email the student describing the problem, and give a statement of consequences if the behavior is not corrected. (You may wish to give the student a particular time frame in which to correct the problem.) A copy of this communication should be sent to our office.
  3. If there is no correction of the behavior, the student's employment should be terminated. The employer should notify the student and should complete both a Job Termination Form and an Employee Performance Evaluation Form, being sure to state the reasons that the employee was terminated.

Problems such as dishonesty or theft call for immediate dismissal from the Federal Work-Study Program. Employers should contact us as soon as possible in such instances.

If an employer initiates a termination for a non-negative reason, such as budgetary constraints or the completion of a project, the termination should be handled similar to a student-initiated termination with the employer giving the student at least two weeks notice.