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Summer Work-Study

Summer Work-Study is an opportunity for students to help meet the cost of their education through full-time off-campus summer employment at a participating Evanston community service agency. Students are allowed to work up to 37.5 hours per week, and are expected to save a portion of their earnings to meet the cost of their education for the following academic year. For the 2020-21 academic year, each student is expected to save $1,800.

Note: Students completing graduation requirements cannot participate.


The eligibility requirements for Summer Work-Study differ from the standard academic year program. In order to participate, students must first demonstrate financial need. In order to determine your summer eligibility, students must complete their financial aid materials for the upcoming academic year by May 1st (see your to-do list via CAESAR). 

Contact the Work-Study Office to confirm your eligibility. Students may contact a participating community service agency for an interview. Due to budgetary constraints, students must secure employment by July 1st (including students who plan to begin their jobs later in the summer) in order to participate in the Summer Work-Study Program. Once hired, students must submit a completed Work-Study Authorization Form to the Work-Study Office.


  • I didn't use up my work-study award this year. Can I use it up during the summer?
    Your federal work-study award is only available during the academic year (Sept-June), as is the rest of your financial aid. Work-Study during the summer is a completely different form of aid that allows you to save your summer earnings and apply it to the cost of your education for the following academic year.
  • If I participate in Summer Work-Study will I still have work-study for the upcoming academic year?
    Yes. Typically students are still eligible for a work-study position during the upcoming academic year if they continue to qualify for need-based assistance.
  • I have an on-campus job lined up for the summer. Does this qualify as Summer Work-Study? 
    Summer Work-Study at Northwestern is a federally funded program offered through participating community service agencies in the Evanston community. On-campus summer positions are considered temporary non-work-study jobs, funded 100% through the department's own budget.
  • I'd like to do community service in my hometown. Can I get paid as a work-study?
    No, Summer Work-Study is limited to the Evanston community. Out of state jobs, even at community service agencies, cannot be paid through Northwestern's Summer Work-Study.
  • I'm not planning to work full-time. Do I still have to save my earnings?
    Since the program is designed to help you meet the self-help part of your education, every participating student is required to save a portion of their earnings. If you are unable to save the $1,800 you may appeal to have the summer earnings expectation replaced with additional loan assistance by submitting a copy of your summer expenses and summer earnings statement to the Work-Study Office.
  • How can I find a summer work-study job?
    Visit our web site to view available off-campus summer jobs.