Master of Science in IT (MSIT), EECS: Class Day Assistant

DEPARTMENT: Master of Science in IT (MSIT), EECS


Available Winter 2018

Help set up, maintain and close down two lecture halls during 30 Saturdays during the academic year (Sept. - June). Greet caterers and help set up catering, clean up, store supplies, etc. Assist program staff with data entry, filing, research, and other basic office duties as needed. Welcome and support MSIT graduate students and MSIT faculty on the 30 Saturdays per academic year. Approximately 7-11 hours per week. Will be working with another work-study alternating two shifts: one 7am-2pm, and the other 11am-6pm. Consistent hours required. 


Must be an NU undergraduate student with a Federal Work-Study allotment for the 2017-18 academic year.

Availability on Saturdays (Sept. - June); reliability; requires some manual, physical tasks (i.e.: moving supplies and snacks); knowledge of computer applications and programs. This position offers free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and time to study during down times.

Please send resumes to the email addresses listed below.

PAY RATE: $10.00/hr

CONTACT NAME: Abigayle Shay and George Nejmeh

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: 847-467-6557 or 847-491-5931