Kellogg Management and Organizations: Research Aide

DEPARTMENT: Kellogg Management and Organizations


Available Fall 2017

Five positions available. Students interested in research related to social psychology and behavioral decision making will benefit from this position. You will be helping with experiments, data entry, and data coding. Great opportunity to learn about research on judgment, decision-making and organizational psychology, and to gain research experience in preparation for graduate school or professional life. You will be closely working with Professor Kouchaki, her post-docs and Phd students.


Must be an NU undergraduate student with a Federal Work-Study allotment for the 2017-18 academic year.

Must be reliable, detail-oriented, proactive and willing to complete work independently, and extremely responsible. Should have strong written and verbal communication skills. Some experience with Excel, SPSS, Qualtrics is preferred but not necessary. 

PAY RATE: $11.00/hr

CONTACT NAME: Julia Cowan (and Professor Maryam Kocuhaki)