Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering: Research Aide

DEPARTMENT: Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering


Available Fall 2017

Do you have a passion for sustainability, enjoy working with data and spreadsheets, and want to contribute to reducing global resource use? If so, read on! I'm looking for one or more student researchers to compile data on societal materials flows and materials processing technologies, and to build spreadsheets to calculate key inputs into a modeling platform for evaluating policies and strategies for reducing national/global materials use.


Must be an NU undergraduate student with a Federal Work-Study allotment for the 2017-18 academic year.

Experience working with large datasets and building well-organized spreadsheets; familiarity with basic energy/environmental concepts, units, and terms; familiarity with materials and uses (e.g., buildings, infrastructure, vehicles); demonstrated analytical skills (e.g., through coursework and projects); strong work ethic; ability to work independently and in teams; ideal for engineering students, but students from other quantitive domains may be considered.

PAY RATE: $12.25/hr

CONTACT NAME: Professor Eric Masanet