Payroll Procedures

Departments are responsible for submitting the following forms to the Payroll Office before students can access Kronos, the University timekeeping system.

Students are responsible for recording their hours in Kronos and submitting them to their supervisor in a timely manner. Timecards must be completed by the Payroll Cut-Off date. The supervisor is responsible for approving the hours in Kronos.

Employers who have a large number of students, or whose students work at night, may use a time clock or swipe card system. The card system is linked to the Kronos system.

Reporting Hours to Payroll: On-Campus Employers

At the end of every pay period, on-campus employers must review and approve their work-study employees' Kronos hours by the 1pm Payroll cut-off time.

Reporting Hours to Payroll: Off-Campus Employers

Students working for off-campus employers must enter their hours in the Kronos system and e-mail their off-campus supervisors for approval. Supervisors should then e-mail their approval to the Federal Work-Study Office no later than 5pm on the Friday designated cut-off date.


Students are paid bi-weekly. Earnings are direct deposited into their bank account on the Friday after Kronos hours are due. If there is a problem with a student's paycheck, on-campus employers should contact Payroll (847-491-7362) and off-campus employers should contact the Work-Study Office.


Work-Study earnings are taxable by both the state and federal governments.

The Payroll Department mails W-2 forms to students at the end of January. Students should contact the Payroll Office (847-491-7362) if no W-2 is received by February 15th.

Change of Address

There are two main offices where an address change should be made: The Registrar's Office and Payroll. Changing the address on CAESAR automatically changes it with the Registrar (and the Financial Aid Office). In order to correct the address with Payroll, the change of address must be made on the myHR. CAESAR, myHR, and Kronos all require the student's NETID and password for access. Please note that Kronos is limited access, therefore the link to the login page will not work with out-of-network computers.

Pay Advances

Northwestern University does not issue pay advances. No hours should be reported for a student before the work is performed.