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Set Wages and Hours

On-campus work-study jobs are ranked by pay grade (73-76) based on the level of responsibility and skills needed. Each grade is associated with a wage range, which can be found on the chart below.

All work-study job titles are listed with a suggested pay grade. However, hourly wage should be calculated based on job responsibilities and level of experience instead of the pay grade. 

Pay Grade Minimum Wage Maximum Wage
73 $13.00 $13.40 
74 $13.10 $14.00
75 $13.25 $14.65
76 $13.55 $15.25

Off-campus employers should determine a wage based upon the job responsibilities, the student's experience, and any transportation costs that the student may incur when traveling to and from the workplace.

Hours Calculator

The calculator below will help to determine how many hours a student will be able to work per week during the academic year based on wage rate and earnings limit. The academic year is assumed to be 30 weeks (10 weeks per quarter). The basic formula behind these figures is:

(Earnings Limit ÷ Weeks per Academic Year) ÷ Hourly Wage = Hours per Week

Please note that if the student expects to remain on campus and work during winter or spring break, this will reduce the number of hours he or she will be able to work during the regular academic term, and will also count towards the student's annual work-study award limit. Also note that a higher wage rate reduces the number of eligible employment hours.

Work-Study Award Pay Rate Calculate Hours/Week
(Ex: 3500) (Ex: 13)  

Be sure to review the following pages for more information on work-study wages and hours: