NUC Aide

Title: NUC AIDE 4
Job Code Number: 100044
Pay Grade: 73 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include acting as an attendant, assuming multiple job functions (greater than three) involving a higher level of independent work and decision making, handling and verifying cash funds, and preparing financial, inventory, or program evaluation reports.

Desirable Qualifications: Cash handling experience in merchandise sales or as a bank teller valuable; bookkeeping experience, typing skills, computer operating, or other specialized attendant skills required in most positions; ability to function with a moderate level of independence.

Title: NUC AIDE 5
Job Code Number: 100308
Pay Grade: 74 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include acting as an attendant; assuming multiple job functions involving higher level of independent work and decision making, and significant public contact requiring personality and courtesy; assisting in verification of cash funds; preparing financial, inventory, or program evaluation reports; and planning and coordinating the work of others.

Desirable Qualifications: Ability to initiate and develop positive rapport with students, other University departments, or visitors to campus; ability to represent Norris Center to professionals in entertainment, banking, or equipment supply; ability to work in a semi-autonomous role within existing parameters; skills required may include contract negotiation, preparing bank deposits and money orders, repairing equipment, using power tools, or performing heavy labor; willingness to work with less flexibility in scheduling hours due to the demands of a particular position.

Title: NUC AIDE 6
Job Code Number: 100411
Pay Grade: 75 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include acting as an attendant; performing duties of NUC Aide 5, but with greater numbers of staff, higher degree of supervisory responsibility, larger cash funds, higher consequence of error, and greater responsibility on shift for cleaning, maintenance, and control of the area services.

Desirable Qualifications: Ability to develop professional rapport and represent Norris Center to other departments and off-campus contacts, or ability to provide indirect supervision to other students; strong organizational skills to inventory and order supplies, plan work of others, and troubleshoot; ability to work as a leader in a semi-autonomous position; skills in running audio-visual equipment, or copywriting and performing graphic layout very helpful; willingness to work open-ended shifts: may not be able to leave work until a specific job is completed.

Title: NUC AIDE 7
Job Code Number: 100052
Pay Grade: 76 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include serving as a department supervisor or center manager. A Department Supervisor may interview, hire, schedule, and evaluate staff, and be responsible for budget, goal setting, basic financial reporting, and general operation of a department in Norris Center. Center Manager may coordinate all building activities, programs, and services and be responsible for building security, cash handling, and event production.

Desirable Qualifications: Professional interpersonal skills required; ability to represent Norris Center and the University to all elements of the university community and guests, to work in an autonomous framework, to interpret Norris Center and University policy, and to coordinate activities of a department or of Norris Center; must possess a desire to deliver community services; good judgment and decision-making skills required; willingness to work long hours under pressure and with simultaneous demands on personal and professional time.