Band Aide

Title: BAND AIDE 1
Job Code Number: 100339
Pay Grade: 73 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include light typing, filing, mailings, and setting up chairs and music stands for rehearsals and performances.

Desirable Qualifications: Must be at least second-quarter freshman; participation in a University Ensemble required; typing, carpentry, music copying, sewing, general office skills and organization, audio-visual experience, and a knowledge of music are all desirable.

Title: BAND AIDE 2
Job Code Number: 100037
Pay Grade: 74 (See Wages and Hours)

Trainee for Aide 3 manager positions; in addition to tasks of Aide 1, duties may include projects performed on an assignment basis and may include concentration on a particular area of the Band Program.

Desirable Qualifications: Previous experience at Aide 1 level or equivalent required.

Title: BAND AIDE 3
Job Code Number: 100462
Pay Grade: 75 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include managing a specific dimension of the Band Program, supervising and organizing tasks of other Aides, and acting as liaison to directors.

Desirable Qualifications: Upperclassman preferred; experience at Aide 2 level or equivalent required; excellent organizational ability; some prerequisite skills specific to area of Program required.

Title: BAND AIDE 4
Job Code Number: 101619
Pay Grade: 76 (See Wages and Hours)

Duties may include coordinating, delegating, and supervising tasks of all department staff according to directors' specifications; scheduling, acting as faculty liaison, organizing projects, making seating charts, ordering supplies and vehicles, and planning staff additions.

Desirable Qualifications: Upperclassman required; experience at Aide 3 level or equivalent required; some experience in supervising and long-range planning required; outgoing personality, knowledge of all Band Office procedures, and excellent organizational skills required.