Change Positions

The Work-Study Office and all employers encourage students to remain in their positions the entire academic year. We realize, however, that school work is the students primary responsibility. Should a conflict arise between classes and work schedule, or the job does not allow sufficient time for studies, the student can terminate his or her position, or transfer to a different department. See Terminate Employment for more information on that process.

Promotions and Reclassifications

A student's job title within a department may be changed at any point during the year if the student's duties or responsibilities change. 

On-campus employers must also update their timekeeping records with the Payroll Office. Off-campus employers must notify us directly of any wage rate changes. 

Employment at Multiple Work-Study Jobs

No student may be employed in more than one department at any given time without prior permission from the Work-Study Office. Any student desiring such authorization should contact us. Permission is granted if the student cannot reach his award limit through his present job alone or if the second position is more relevant to his career interests.