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Request America Reads Tutors

We are excited that you are interested in hosting tutors at your site! There are 11 partner locations throughout Evanston at local elementary schools and after-school programs. These sites employ Northwestern Federal Work-Study eligible students to assist their elementary aged students in reading and math proficiency, providing extra one-on-one attention and group facilitation. Schools and after school programs that might qualify include those that serve pre-school through eighth grade students and are open and accessible to Evanston community children. Click here to learn more about America Reads.

In addition to a signed memorandum of understanding with Northwestern University, as an America Reads and Counts partner you agree to:

  • Facilitate instruction and provide feedback on students' needs.
  • Assist in selecting students for participation who will work with the tutor.
  • Introduce the tutor to the student(s) and explain their role for the students who will be working with the tutor.
  • Assign the tutor to a specific student or small group of students; tutors should not work with the entire class.
  • Provide appropriate supervision of the tutor's activities by a licensed professional.
  • Provide oversight and clear instructions regarding the tutor's actions and responsibilities during tutoring sessions.
  • Approve and verify the tutor's timecard hours.
  • Establish communication preferences (email or phone) between tutor and site and share any relevant procedures and policies.
  • Utilize tutors for tutoring purposes only; Assign tutors to work with students in the areas of reading ONLY. 
  • Designate the area where the tutor will  work with students.
  • Communicate school or after-school program schedule with tutors, including early dismissals, student holidays, institutional service days, designated testing days, and fieldtrips that will prevent a tutor from tutoring. 

To request students for the current academic year, please complete the form below: