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Supervisor Payroll Procedures

All hiring forms must be on file and received by the Work-Study Office and Northwestern Human Resources, before the student can access the Kronos Timekeeping System to record their hours and be paid!

Reporting & Approving Hours

On-Campus Employers:

Students are responsible for recording their hours in Kronos.  The work-study supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving their work-study student's hours in Kronos.  Ideally, please submit your supervisor approval by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the end of the pay period to avoid issues.  Northwestern Payroll Office's official deadline for submitting supervisor time card approvals is actually 1 p.m. CST on the Monday following the end of a pay period.  (If submitting on Monday following the pay period, be sure to change the pay period in the drop down from "Current Pay Period" to "Previous Pay Period!)  If you miss Payroll's deadline, you are required to print and sign the student’s timecard showing the dates and hours worked during the pay period and provide the signed copy to the Work-Study Office and Northwestern Payroll Office by Friday of that week.

On-campus supervisors may designate a person in their department to serve as a Kronos backup timecard approver.  If you will be on a leave from the university, please make sure you designate a back up in Kronos prior to your leave.  To assign a Kronos Backup Approver please follow these instructions:

Off-Campus Employers:

Students working for off-campus employers are responsible for and must enter their hours in the the university time keeping system, Kronos, system each pay period.  The off-campus community service student must also submit the Off-Campus Time Card Approval Form by the designated cut off deadline.  Upon submission of the form, a copy is automatically sent to the student, you the off-campus supervisor, and our office.  You must review the information entered by the student and submit your approval by replying to the email so that the student can be paid with the federal wage subsidy.

Over Earned FWS Allotment

When students are nearing their FWS allotment limit listed on CAESAR, both student and supervisor will be notified of the student's remaining FWS amount as of the last pay period for which records are available from Northwestern Payroll.

On-Campus Employers:

If the student has earned their FWS allotment, the Work-Study Office will change the student’s employment status from Work-Study to "Temporary Employee" with Northwestern HR and you will be notified via email that the student can longer be paid through the Federal Work-Study Program.  Any wages earned over the student's FWS allotment will be charged back to your department on the 60120 (Temporary Student Wages) account.  Continued employment under this account must be approved by the Position Approval Committee (PAC).  

Off-Campus Employers:

If the student has earned over their allotment you will be notified by our office that the student must stop working immediately.  Over-earned wages may be charged back to your organization in a separate invoice.

Pay Advances

Northwestern University does not issue pay advances.  No hours should be reported for a student before the work is performed.  

Sick-Time Policy

Work-study students may accrue paid sick leave hours once they have worked 80 hours in a 120 day period. Students will earn one hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked. Up to half of the unused hours may be carried over to  the following year if you will be employed in the same position. If you or your student have questions, please contact

Timesheet Falsification

FWS is a Federal Student Aid (FSA) program and therefore must follow strict rules.  Students should only be paid for hours actually worked.  Timesheet falsification is a serious offense and consequences will be implemented. 


Students are paid bi-weekly on the Friday after Kronos hours are due Students are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit.  If there is a problem with a student's paycheck, on-campus employers should contact Payroll (847-491-7362) and off-campus employers should contact the Work-Study Office.


Work-Study earnings are taxable by both the state and federal governments.

Northwestern Payroll mails W-2 forms to students at the end of January.  Students should contact the Payroll Office (847-491-7362) if no W-2 is received by February 15th.